Beautiful Postcard

I received a beautiful postcard from Finland last week and I just had to share:

Cat Postcard

I love receiving something other than bills in the post and I particularly like this one because it has a sleepy puss cat on it!

I’m a member of postcrossing where the idea is that you send a postcard to a random person and receive a postcard from a random person.  How cool is that!

I organised something informally like this when my Grandfather started to get ill and was housebound.  At that time I had a lot of penpals and organised for them (and their friends) to send Grandad postcards so he could travel without leaving the house.  It brightened him up no end.  How great would it have been if I’d known about postcrossing!!

Postcrossing also has a Facebook page where you can organise direct swaps.  I prefer to wait and see what random cards I get through the post.  That said, I have organised a swap from India.  I can’t wait to see what arrives in the post next!


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