100 Days of Happiness

Do you think you can be happy for 100 days in a row?

I came across this project on Facebook through a friend of mine. She has been doing the challenge for 46 days now and her happiness project is great! I felt inspired to go and find out more.

100 happy days basically challenges you to take a picture each day of something that made you happy and to submit it via Facebook/Email/Tumbler etc.

I think it’s great!  It encourages you to look more deeply at your life and to appreciate the small things. 

I’m generally a happy person but recently work has been very challenging and that has had an impact on my happiness levels so the time of this project is great.

I’m going to take part and I’m going to take part from today.  I’m going to submit my photos via this blog (in addition to my normal entries).  This blog automatically posts to Facebook and Google+ so I guess I’ll be posting there too!

If any of you want to join me on this challenge, feel free!  I think it is going to be fun!


One thought on “100 Days of Happiness”

  1. I have heard a lot about this project, and know a few people who do it 🙂 I was considering it myself fora while…Have fun and look forward to seeing your pics 🙂 x

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