My Eurovision Guilty Pleasure

I am going to come out and publicly admit that I watched the Eurovision song contest last night and I enjoyed it!

I love the cheesiness of the songs, the performers themselves, Graham Norton’s sarcastic commentary (though arguably Terry Wogan was better), I love the whole sheebang.

Yes it should be about the songs and it shouldn’t be a political contest, yes the best song should win but it has never been about that.  There is always some controversy about one of the contestants but I’m simply not bothered enough to get het up.  I’m here for the songs.

This year Iceland was my favourite.  Very, very, very cool!

It has been decided that next year we are definitely having a Eurovision party!  Naff and cheesy?  Maybe!  But a lot of fun will be had by all.

Now before I disappear to buy the Eurovision album from Itunes (yes I’m serious!), who can forget those lovely Polish ladies?

I guess I know what I’ll be doing if our washing machine ever breaks down!!



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