Creative Writing Ink – Writing Prompts

One of the major reasons I created this blog was to get over my writers block.  I wanted to write regularly to get back into the habit.  Once I did this, I reasoned, I’d be bitten by the writing bug again.  To be honest, the want to write has never gone away.  Life got in the way for a while and when I was in a position to write again, I found that I had writers block.

I took short creative writing class at the local adult education centre which was great.  I sculpted a story, some wonderful characters….then didn’t go to the final class where we had to read out our story.  I chickened out.  I was too afraid to share my story!  I’m smiling at the irony of this as I type it…a writer is too afraid to tell her story!

I sincerely believed that I would be engaged in a writing profession from an early age.  I planned on a career in journalism and that I’d write novels in my spare time.  I was always sensitive about my work and whether people would like it but it was the kind of thing that I wanted to read.  I had a story to tell.  I didn’t just have a story to tell.  I had dozens of stories in my head, buzzing around, vying for attention.  I had to keep a notebook with me so that I didn’t lose track of all those ideas.

I don’t know what happened to that notebook…

It’s funny how life turns out though isn’t it?  I didn’t become a journalist and I no longer write.  I used to miss it but I became used to it.  Sometimes I’d read a fantastic book and long to sculpt a story like that but I didn’t know how to write anymore…I’m still not sure I do.

I’ve been dabbling at it over the last few years, writing up the Roleplay sessions that I have with friends, developing the character that I developed until he or she became a living breathing thing.  Remind me to tell you the story of Rupert Lloyd Foxe one day!!

I think the time has come to get back in the saddle. 

I’ve discovered a website called Creative Writing Ink.  They have a prompt section on their website where they publish a picture and you write a story around that picture in your blog and post it to their site.

It will be a big thing for me to have people read what I’ve written but I think that’s the next step for me!


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