Assignment Time Again


It’s assignment time again and this time around I’m feeling a little less fraught, a little less frantic that I was last month. I think I have more of a handle on it. I’ve prepared an essay plan, attended the tutorial and bemoaned the assignment with my fellow students.

Deadline is Monday but I think I should have it done and handed in tomorrow afternoon (all being well). I love that feeling the feeling of relief and freedom once you’ve handed in. You are free…until the next one! I suppose the good thing is that my module is assignment based so I don’t have to worry about exams…..I don’t have time for exams!

I wrote about the difficulties of being an adult learner sometime back. I really don’t know where I’d have time to fit exams into my schedule between work, social life and everything else.

That said though, education and learning are addictive. I may have joined the party late but I’ve been firmly bitten by the bug. I may moan and complain come assignment time but truth be told, I love it!



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