Marc and Angel Hack Life

I have found this wonderful website called ‘Marc and Angel Hack Life‘.  It is a website about life.  There are plenty of them about but I find this one particularly insightful. 

Today’s article, 18 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder than It Has To Be, resonates with me as it contains some points that are particularly relevant to my life at the moment.

I’ve been making my life more complicated that it needs to be!  Have you?


A Perfect Weekend in Pictures

Last weekend hubby and I had one of those perfect weekends that you wish would never end so I decided to share with you my perfect weekend in pictures!

Saturday - Hot dogs for lunch make me officially happy!
Saturday – Hot dogs for lunch make me officially happy!


Saturday - Afternoon Tea, what a great British Tradition!!
Saturday – Afternoon Tea, what a great British Tradition!!
Saturday - Andre Rieu screened at our local cinema.  Amazing, just amazing!
Saturday – Andre Rieu screened at our local cinema. Amazing, just amazing!
Sunday - Beautiful sunset.  We found this spot a few minutes drive from home
Sunday – Beautiful sunset. We found this spot a few minutes drive from home
Sunday - so peaceful and relaxing
Sunday – so peaceful and relaxing

A Weekend by the Sea

Okay it wasn’t quite the weekend but hubby and I headed down to the coast on Thursday and Friday to celebrate our 4th wedding anniverary.

It was blissful, we walked on an almost deserted beach, the sea was moody and there was a hint of rain in the air.

Beach huts in the distance
Beach huts in the distance
Moody sea
Moody sea

We ate glorious seafood, explored the local shops and discovered restaurants that we hadn’t eaten in before.

The weather wasn’t great but it didn’t need for be for us to have a good time.

Unapologetically Fat

I read the original article and it was so ridiculous that I laughed at it! It was so stupid that I couldn’t take it seriously. Not only was the article ridiculous, the comments were just as stooopid!

How dare you be fat in a public place? How dare you be happy and comfortable in your skin?? One of the comments on the original piece mentioned a fat girl in a shop who had the gall to be wearing ‘short, shorts’. If this wasn’t enough, she was jiggling to the music! How dare she!! I had to check the location to make sure that fat girl wasn’t me!!

I hate any kind of bigot. It wouldn’t be acceptable for the author of the original post to say she was offended by somebody being gay or black or female in public and I don’t think it is acceptable for somebody to wax lyrical about being offended by somebody being fat and confident in a public place.

People have good point and bad points. I’m not going to judge people on their body shape anymore than I would their gender, race or sexuality. It simply isn’t acceptable.

That said, I’m sure that the author (Linda Kelsey) wrote this piece with the intention of being controversial and generating press for herself.

What a sad individual.

Dances With Fat

You Forgot Your BullshitLinda Kelsey has written a brilliant piece of satire showing just how ridiculous obesity hysteria has beco… wait… what?  It’s not satire?  Are you sure?  Really.  Holy shit! Linda Kelsey has written a piece of bigotry-riddled hate-ridden drivel that should make us all embarrassed for her.

While I’ll deal with her fat bigotry in this piece, it’s horribly unfortunate that in her rush to explain why fat people shouldn’t be treated with basic human dignity, she grossly mis-characterizes the very real dangers of eating disorders.

What has Linda’s panties in a such a bunch?  Well it turns out that three fat women (Linda makes it clear that they were “not chubby but fat”) were at the airport getting ready to go on vacation, and they had the gall to be happy and carefree, and dress in ways that Linda didn’t like. I mean, who do these girls…

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Six Years – Harlan Coben

Six  Years is a snack of a book that I devoured in a couple of days.  It isn’t a difficult read but it is an interesting read.  Coben ramps up the suspense and tension that makes you want to carry on read.  He’s got that ‘just another chapter’ down to a tee!

This book tells the story of Jake, a university professor who watched the woman he loved marry another woman six years ago.  She made Jake promise to stay away from them and it is a promise that he keeps for six years (hence the title) until he sees the husband’s obituary in the paper.  Jake attends the funeral (which is a bit weird and stalkerish!) but he finds that nothing as it seems.

There is no sign of Natalie, the woman he loved and everything is a subterfuge of smoke and mirrors.  Where is Natalie and what exactly is going on?

A quick read but a good read.  One I’d definitely recommend..

Time for a Change

I read an interesting article about change and it got me thinking.

Change, such an unassuming little word but one that you can Change 1attribute a lot of meaning to.  To change oneself, to change goals or change your direction in life.  Those are big things and scary too.  Fear can go hand in hand with change and fear can hold you back.

You know internally when it is time for change in your life, even if you don’t acknowledge it.  You feel bored, restless, demotivated, you know that you are not the person you want to be or your life is not heading in the direction that you want it to, your life is not full and you don’t fulfilled….

In my experience, this is when it’s time for change.

time for a change 3Change is scary but the alternative, moreso.  Imagine a life half lived, a life of half fulfilled desires, unlived dreams, a life lived for other people and not yourself.

That’s scary…

Change is never easy but if you want it enought you’ll work for it.  Imagine the life you could be living!  Somebody close to me once said of life ‘there’s always one more book to read, one more movie to see, always something else to do’ and he is right. 

Life can be a rich adventure full of the things you love or it can be defined by factors other than your own wants and desires.  Which would you rather it be?

time for a change 2

OK Glass….

Last Friday hubby and I went to the Google Glass event in London. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I didn’t know a great deal about them. I’ve read about them but they don’t seem like the kind of thing that I’d normally be interested. I’m not a complete technophobe but I’m not a gadget freak either. I’ll leave that to hubby and his mate (you know who you are!)!

The canal
The canal
Big screen and deckchairs to watch the tennis
Big screen and deckchairs to watch the tennis

The event was held in some super-cool location near Granary Square. Kings Cross area used to be less than salubrious but I have to say I’m impressed! I’ll have to go back there to linger at some point. It is a nice location and feels very trendy.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the Google Event. We got there about 6pm and there were no queues which surprised me. We had to go in and register, sign some kind of form (I forget what it was, I guess I should retain this information – perhaps that is something that Glass can help me with?) and then wait to be admitted into what seemed to be an old warehouse – albeit a very cool old warehouse!

While we were queuing a very friendly young lady came up, chatted to us and tried to show us a demo about Glass but unfortunately her tablet wasn’t working. We were offered tiny, delicate rolls and toasted marshmallows which to me, tasted like honeycomb and had the texture of tofu – bleurgh! The looked impressive though! Everybody kept telling us about the carrots which were actually cake – really good cake at that…unfortunately I couldn’t track down the carrot lady!

When we were admitted we were giving an induction into the glasses which you definitely needed. It is weird but cool at the same time. I wear quite big framed glasses and my eyes aren’t good enough to see the words on the Glass screen without my current glasses. Hubby had the good sense to wear contacts.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. They look cool but obvious. Hubby was hoping for something a bit more discreet and I think I’m with him on that. It kinda looks like a slimline version of Jody’s visor from Star Trek and I also don’t know if I like the idea of constantly being connected like that. It’s bad enough now if you go out and people are plugged into their mobile phones. Can you imagine what it’ll be like if people are plugged in through their glasses?

Modelling the glasses
Modelling the glasses

That said, the technology is very cool. I particularly liked the star gazing app (sorry I’m an apple user…is it still ‘app’ if you are using a Google product?). You activate the glasses and tell them to ‘explore the stars’ then you look up and there is a star map on your glasses. Very, very, very cool! Also, if you look at the star for long enough the glasses tell you facts about the star. Fabulous!

I also loved the app that identified music. Not only did it identify the song, it displayed the lyrics so you could follow it! Love it!

The language app is interesting. It is great technology and the way Glass translates is impressive. You look at the text you want translated and then Glass overlays the original text with the translation. but I found it a bit clunky. You have to know what language you are looking at and tell Glass to translate from Spanish to English or Italian to English for example. I don’t know if it is possible but it would be great if you could just look at the text and it identified it. What if you don’t know what language you are looking at but still need a translate? I don’t think (from what I saw yesterday) that Glass could help with that.

I left the stargazing station feeling like I wanted a pair but at £1000 a pair I think that’s a long way down my wishlist!