Time for a Change

I read an interesting article about change and it got me thinking.

Change, such an unassuming little word but one that you can Change 1attribute a lot of meaning to.  To change oneself, to change goals or change your direction in life.  Those are big things and scary too.  Fear can go hand in hand with change and fear can hold you back.

You know internally when it is time for change in your life, even if you don’t acknowledge it.  You feel bored, restless, demotivated, you know that you are not the person you want to be or your life is not heading in the direction that you want it to, your life is not full and you don’t fulfilled….

In my experience, this is when it’s time for change.

time for a change 3Change is scary but the alternative, moreso.  Imagine a life half lived, a life of half fulfilled desires, unlived dreams, a life lived for other people and not yourself.

That’s scary…

Change is never easy but if you want it enought you’ll work for it.  Imagine the life you could be living!  Somebody close to me once said of life ‘there’s always one more book to read, one more movie to see, always something else to do’ and he is right. 

Life can be a rich adventure full of the things you love or it can be defined by factors other than your own wants and desires.  Which would you rather it be?

time for a change 2


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