Six Years – Harlan Coben

Six  Years is a snack of a book that I devoured in a couple of days.  It isn’t a difficult read but it is an interesting read.  Coben ramps up the suspense and tension that makes you want to carry on read.  He’s got that ‘just another chapter’ down to a tee!

This book tells the story of Jake, a university professor who watched the woman he loved marry another woman six years ago.  She made Jake promise to stay away from them and it is a promise that he keeps for six years (hence the title) until he sees the husband’s obituary in the paper.  Jake attends the funeral (which is a bit weird and stalkerish!) but he finds that nothing as it seems.

There is no sign of Natalie, the woman he loved and everything is a subterfuge of smoke and mirrors.  Where is Natalie and what exactly is going on?

A quick read but a good read.  One I’d definitely recommend..


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