Bodeans BBQ Restaurant, London

One of my favourite restaurants in London is Bodeans.  It isn’t the poshest restaurant in London or the place with the Michelin starred chefs, I like those places too but for me (and for hubby!), Bodean’s has to be up there.

I love its lack of prention. There are a selection of sauces on the table and kitchen roll because believe me you’ll need it when you start tucking into saucy wings and ribs which are delicious by the way!  I have a real chicken wing fetish but you’d be amazed at how difficult it is to find good chicken wings…thankfully, on this count, Bodean’s consistently delivers.  I was most disappointed when TGIs changed their wings.


One of the criticisms on trip advisor is the amount of meat on offer and the kitchen towel on the tables.  I’d expect there to be a vast selection of meat from this type of restaurant.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel in the USA and eat at several BBQ restaurants.  One of the best places we visited was Dave’s Famous BBQ.  I love that place.  It makes me wish I lived in the USA!  The menu is similar (albeit bigger) to Bodeans and we were delighted to find somewhere in London that served similar food.

Hubby and I share a platter and I always order the cornbread muffins.  I’m such a sucker for cornbread.  I haven’t quite cracked how to make it at home so it is always a treat when we are out and we find somewhere that sells cornbread.  I’m in piggy heaven! 

The platters are advertised as being for 2 people but they’d easily feed 3 – 4 depending on how hungry  you all are.  We always takeaway our leftovers and have them in sandwiches.

I’d definitely recommend a visit next time you are in London!


Boss Hog Platter for 2., mac and cheese and a side of cornbread.  We always end up taking a doggie bag home!
Boss Hog Platter for 2., mac and cheese and a side of cornbread. We always end up taking a doggie bag home!

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