Read it? Swap it!

I came across a great site some time ago called readitswapit.  The premise is that once you’ve finished reading a book, you list it on readitswapit and you can swap for another book that you want to read. 

People can also look at each other’s library of available books and request to swap one of those books.    You can then look at their library and either choose to accept or decline the request.

I this site love it for a number of reasons.  The first being a practical one – I read voraciously and if I kept every book I read, I’d be like one of those people you see on those hoarder programs, having to dig my way to the kitchen through piles of books!!

The other reason is that I love to share a good book.  There are very few books that I keep in my permanent collection.  I don’t tend to re-read books very often.  The exceptions being Kim Harrison’s Hollows series, The Book Thief (I can’t bear to let it go!), anything by Khaled Hosseini and most of Nicholas Evans’ books (especially The Horse Whisper). 

Generally I love the idea that a book is going to another reader, somebody who will love it and pass it on again so a story is shared and shared again. 

The only thing with readitswapit, is that you don’t know what happens to it when it leaves your hands.  That is one of the things that Bookcrossing is good for.  You register your book and track it’s journey but you are reliant upon the person who received the book to log it on the website.

Both sites are great and I would definitely recommend that you check them out if you get a chance..



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