Final Assignment

I’m taking a break from assignment work while I write this post.  I need to take regular breaks when I’m studying or my brain just packs up and goes home for the weekend!  I wonder if that is the same for everybody…

This assignment is the final one of the module.  I think I will do ok, I hope I will do ok!  I missed the tutorial on Tuesday as I had other commitments (okay, I admit I was pottery painting but still….it was fun!) so I’m going solo on this one.  Hopefully the tutor will upload some material that will be helpful.  He usually does.

I feel prepared.  I’ve read around the subject and I have an essay plan (of sorts).  I feel proud that I’ve come this far.  I’ve gained a lot of experience – my essay writing has improved tremendously.  I’ve met some nice people at the tutorials.  Will we stay in touch?  I doubt it.  We don’t really talk much outside of tutorials but that’s okay.  People come into your life when you need them most.  They don’t always play a starring role and they won’t always be there for the duration.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to sign up to do another module.  It has been really hard work.  Never let anybody tell you that distance learning, part-time learning is the easy option because it really isn’t.  You find yourself at tutorials at evenings and/or weekends.  You have a vast amount to read, assignments that take out whole weekends at a time.  You’ll love it and hate it in equal measure.  All this on top of your other life commitments – work, friends, family, social life, housework.  Where will it all fit in?!?  You’ll feel bewildering, confused and like you are the only person who ‘doesn’t get it’.  You won’t be the only one feeling that way, trust me!  It is such a great feeling when it all starts to fall into place and you start to understand everything.

I’m looking forward to having the summer off from studying (my brain needs  a rest!) but I’m looking forward to starting the new module in October too!


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