The Tagine Fancier

I’ve been looking for a reason to buy a tagine.  They fascinate me with their cone like lids that sit atop a heavy bowl.  I find myself eyeing them surreptitiously every time I’m wandering round a cookery shop (which is probably more often than I should admit to!).

Recently I’ve been concentrating on baking.  Desserts and baking are a weak point for me so I decided (partly because of the cakes that I have baked for The Depressed Cake shop) that I’d like to perfect the art of desserts/baking.  After all, who doesn’t like cake!!

My point being that my tagine fancying has been set aside for a while but yesterday whilst shopping for a cake stand, I came across a relatively cheap tagine and couldn’t resist.  The conversation with myself went something like this:

“cake stand or tagine?  tagine or cake stand?”  

Backwards and forwards, trying to decide which  I’d use most.

So at the point that people started backing away from the muttering mad lady with a tagine in one hand and a cake stand in the other, I decided to buy both and I have to say I’m delighted with my purchases!!!

My cake stand will be perfect for the Jamie Oliver Hummingbird cake that I plan to make next time we have guests and the tagine….well the tagine is something I’ve desired for a long time which is why I’m spending my Sunday morning researching tagine recipes!

I’m not familiar with tagine cooking apart from having eaten in Comptoir Libanais a few times.  That said, I’ve managed to become a self-taught competent baker so this is just another challenge to overcome!  Watch this space….