The Woman Who Stole my Life – Marian Keyes

I used to be a big fan of Marian Keyes when I was a teenager. As I got older I fell out of love with her books because they were all very similar and I could identify less with the characters.  One of the vital ingredients of a good book for me is that I am able to identify with the characters, even if I can’t understand their motivation for doing something or I am disappointed by their decision.  I have to care about the characters.  I found that was happening less and less with the characters in Keyes’ books.  As a consequence I have (intentionally) missed many of Keyes’ releases over the last 10 years or so.

However, I was enticed by Keyes’ latest offering ‘The Woman who Stole my Life’ by the cover!  Shallow?  Probably but it attracted my attention and so I requested it from the library.  I could have just checked out the blurb but I find that sometimes you don’t get a feel for a book until you are a few chapters in, drinking tea and curled up on your sofa.  It didn’t cost me anything so what the hell!  I was quite impressed by the fact that the library had such a recent release.

I have spent some of today reading and I confess that I have only got to page 43 but I already know that this book is not going to be for me.  The main character, Stella is a people pleaser who goes through life trying not to make waves.  She is not very strong and doesn’t appear to deal with conflict well.  I prefer strong characters.  I identify with them more.  I just want to shake Stella and say to her ‘for gods sake stand up for yourself woman!!’.

I’m not sure where the story is going.  I’m sure there is a story to tell because Stella was a best selling author at some point who lived in New York.  Now she is back in Dublin so there is a story there, I just don’t care enough to find out.

It isn’t a bad book per se, It just isn’t to my taste.  If you enjoyed Marian Keyes’ other books I’m sure you will enjoy this one but this really wasn’t my cup of tea at all……NEXT!!


2 thoughts on “The Woman Who Stole my Life – Marian Keyes”

  1. I always feel annoyed with myself when I don’t finish a book, but really, there are so many great ones out there, why waste your time with something that’s not for you?

    1. I used to feel that way too but then I considered all the time I spent struggling through books that I didn’t enjoy and how I could be spending that time on books that I adored. Now I give books the 100 page test and if they haven’t engaged me at all or I know that they aren’t for me I abandon them and move onto the next one. Too many books, not enough time!!

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