That’s What Country Is

Sunday morning found me going through my emails and idly flicking through the Billboard Hot Country Songs list.  I rediscovered my love for country music about a year ago.  Sadly Country isn’t as popular here in the UK as it is in America so it can be harder to lay my hands on the music.  At the time I was still using an Iphone so I managed to get some songs through the app store.  It was working out expensive though…that’s when Google Play entered my life and my Country music obsession really took off.  I pay a set subscription fee (9.99 per month) and I can access all the music I like!  It’s fabulous.  It means on days like today I can go through the Hot Country songs list, try out the songs and add them to the playlist if I like them.

Favourites of the moment are Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Parmalee.  My next paragraph was going to be about how I’d love to see Luke Bryan live but despite searching, I’ve never seen him tour the UK, probably because country music isn’t as popular here as in the USA.

WRONG!! A quick google search revealed that Luke Bryan AND Florida Georgia Line will be playing at the O2 in March at the Country to Country Festival!!  Why have I not heard of this before??  This will be its third year.  After some deliberation I’ve booked a ticket!!  How exciting and spontaneous!

Now I’m on the countdown to March!


2 thoughts on “That’s What Country Is”

  1. I was country before country was cool. Grandparents listened to Eddie Arnold, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline. I started way back in the ’70’s with John Denver.
    March is not so far away, so start your boot scootin now. 🙂

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