Body Beautiful

It is that time of year when people are focussing on the body beautiful concept.  Everyone has overindulged at Christmas and now January is here it’s the time to get it all right.

The office is full of people drinking herbal tea and nibbling on salad leaves, the radio is full of adverts for low-fat foods and gyms, the gyms and classes are full of people trying to achieve that body beautiful.  So many people think they will be happier, that their life would be more complete if they were a few pounds lighter.

I hear so many women (and men) belittle themselves because of what they weigh or how they look.  The put things off until they look differently or weigh less.  What a great shame!  So many people fail to recognise their own beauty and the amazing person that they really are.  They are so focussed on the negative things that they don’t notice the good bits and don’t hear you when you tell them how amazing they are.

Putting things off until you are slimmer or look a certain way is a waste of life.  Imagine if tomorrow was your last day on earth.  Would it really matter that you were heavier than you ‘should’ be (I use the term ‘should’ loosely).

I’m not advocating living an unhealthy lifestyle, I’m advocating loving yourself, being kind to yourself, focussing on the good points and living life now.

We are besieged by images of the perfect male/female body in the press, the perfect life, what you should wear/drive/eat.  The list goes on. Ask yourself why???  Why should we eat that food?  Why should we look that way?  Why should we drive that car?  The press is selling you an idea, the idea that if you have that product or look that way you will have a certain kind of life.

But will you be happy?

I have always been overweight.  I enjoy food and don’t exercise enough.  For so much of my life my weight had an impact on absolutely everything.  The things I wouldn’t do!  I could fill pages with those.  It got to the point where I simply couldn’t be assed to be worrying about my weight every 2 seconds.  I exercise more now, eat better and as a consequence, I have lost some weight and toned up.  That wasn’t my main goal.  My main goal was to live a healthier lifestyle.

I’d long questioned the media perception of how life ‘should’ be but then I discovered Jes Baker and realised that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way!

I’m not here to preach, just to way that everybody is beautiful in their own way and they shouldn’t be down on themselves just because they don’t look a certain way – a way that is pedalled by the media.

I was inspired to write this post because of a throwaway comment “What a shame he/she died.  It’s such a loss.  He/she was so attractive”.  This left me scratching my head and wondering if it would be such a shame and such a loss if they were not attractive.  Realistically I know that wasn’t what the comment maker meant, but when you break it down and look at it, how is somebody’s attractiveness in any way related to the their death?  Somebody has died.  It is a loss no matter what they look like.

Some will say it is human nature to be so interested in attractiveness but for me there is far more to being attractive than looking a certain way.. It is about what kind of person you are.  That’s what true beauty is about (for me).


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