Today has been exactly the kind of Saturday that I needed after a long, long week at work.  I work as Project Support and this week has been the week from hell, ending with a cracked windscreen yesterday from a stone flicked up by a lorry.  Absolute icing on the cake to the kind of week I’ve had.

But today hubby and I headed up to London for a mooch.  I love London and I love mooching so the two combined was bliss for me.  We headed out to Finchley to Leisure Games where we were both able to get our geek on and hubby spent too much money on shines!  I spied a glorious set of World War Cthulhu books that I was tempted by.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Cthulhu whore.  Tabletop roleplay is more hubby’s thing but I’m deeply in love with Cthulhu.  If Cthulhu was a man I would have married him long ago!  I also enjoyed World of Darkness too, although I only played it for a few sessions but it really fired my imagination. I’d definitely like to explore it a little more…

Relaxing in a coffee shop then Pizza Express for lunch.  Now I’m chilling at the in-laws where we are staying for the night before breakfast with my family tomorrow.  Blissfully simple weekend and exactly what I need after the week I’ve had.