12.05.15 – Texas – Day 12, Fredricksburg – Corpus Christi

The day started off rainy but humid.  The plan was to go to Corpus Christi via San Antonio.  I was a bit skeptical about San Antonio after our El Paso experience, but my in-laws were keen to see The Alamo.  There was also a mall and a riverside walk that you can also do via boat inside the mall.

20150512_121229I was pleasantly surprised by San Antonio.  The building style and the general feel of the city reminded me a little of New York.  It would have been nice to have spent a bit more time here.  I’m glad I got to see it and experience it.  Maybe in the future I will come back.

I managed to find a post office at which I got stamps for my postcards (and posted them of course!).  I wonder if they will make it home before I do!  Postcards can be notoriously unreliable.  The post office was fascinating because it was inside a courthouse so I had to go thorough security checks and my handbag was searched.  I quipped to the security guard that this must be the most secure post office in the whole country.  I don’t think he understood my humour because he was completely straight-faced when he told me ‘That’s because it’s a courthouse ma’am’!!

I struggled to be engaged by The Alamo.  I know very little about it and living in En20150512_112901gland means that I’m used to much older history.  I was able to switch that side of my brain off though and appreciate it for what it was.  The Alamo was absolutely packed with tourists and school children.  People were pushing and shoving and crowding round cabinets.  It was a weekday but it still too busy for me.  It must be hell at weekends.  I wasn’t able to get any feel for the place and any sense of what it used to be.  There is a model in the gift shop that shows how the site used to be.  For me that was my favourite bit.

The mall was okay.  It wasn’t as big as some of the ones that we’ve been to but it was nice to have a wander round. I fo20150512_134357und it refreshing to go into some shops and be ignored!  It reminds me of home!  We had Japanese for lunch (I thought it was more like Chinese but it was still enjoyable) then after wandering round we relaxed in Starbucks for an hour with a frappuccino for me and a cappuccino for hubby.  Bliss!

I’ve had horrible hay fever since I’ve been on the west side of Texas which has meant I’m waking up coughing and sneezing.  It has really had an impact on my sleeping so it was nice to chill and switch my brain off for a bit.  I’ve looked it up on the internet and there is something called ‘Cedar Fever‘ that Texans get.  I’m out of season but my symptoms are very similar.  Poor hay fevered me!  I do wonder if this makes me a real Texan though because according to the websites, allergies in Texas are par for the course!

When we were on the way out spotted a Bowser backpack that I just had to have!  It is very cool indeed!

20150512_173540Corpus Christi was never going to be my favourite part of the holiday because I’m not into beach resorts.  Our room was on the 9th Floor and we did have a nice view out over the marina.  Corpus Christi itself wasn’t so much hot as very, very humid because of the rain we’d had earlier.  It was actually quite uncomfortable.

We decided to eat dinner at a restaurant across the road from the hotel, Water Street Seafood Company.  It was within walking distance which meant that we could all have a drink if we wanted to, got good reviews on Trip Advisor and we all adore seafood.  A win/win situation really.


If you are ever in Corpus Christie avoid this restaurant like the plague.

All started off well.  It was a pleasant environment, good menu and the restaurant itself seemed to be relatively quiet.  There was lots on the menu that I wanted but finally I managed to settle on sharing oysters for starter with hubby and tuna for main course.  Our waiter was in training but still it was like something from Faulty Towers!  If there was something to drop then he dropped it!  It started off with the iced waters and continued on to be cutlery, menus etc.

Starters arrived in good time and were nice enough.  It’s hard to mess up oysters though.  Being picky, I would say that the shells n20150512_195931eeded to be cleaned before serving because if you picked them up you realised they were actually quite dirty.  They were nice though.

We had to wait an exceptionally long time for the main course, probably about 50 mins.  After about 45 mins the waiter did come over and apologise.  The delay had occurred because there was a big party of 40 people in the back of the restaurant and the kitchen was struggling.  When the food arrived mine was cold, not just cool, cold.  Mum-in-law had ordered scallops and they were these little blackened husks on the plate, although interestingly only one side had been cooked!  Her dinner was also completely cold.  Completely unacceptable so I 20150512_212339sent them both back. It was another 10 – 15 mins before dinner arrived.  My tuna was over-cooked.  I’d asked for it to be seared and it was medium rare.  I couldn’t be bothered to re-order for a 3rd time.  Hubby did mention it to the waiter though who didn’t really know what to do.

The Manager apologised and didn’t charge for my dinner or mother-in-law’s dinner.  I also managed to negotiate some free desserts for us all.  Hubby always says I’m a cheap date!!  Dessert was nice but it didn’t make up for the disappointment of the bad service and cold food.  I think it was made worse by the fact that it promised everything and delivered nothing.

I wouldn’t eat here again.One piece of exciting news is that Jason Aldean is playing in Corpus Christi!!  What are the chances of us being in the same town at the same time as one of my favourite country artists are playing.  Even more exciting is the fact that we have tickets!  I’m incredibly excited!  Hubby and in-laws are coming.  I can’t wait to see what they think!!


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