13.05.15 – Texas – Day 13, Corpus Christi

Today we planned to have a lie in.  This felt like a real treat because when we 20150513_104944are travelling from place to place each day we have to be up, having breakfast and out at a reasonable time, especially if we have quite a lot of mileage to cover.

20150513_104144Hubby and I explored the town and my in-laws went off to do their own thing.  We had a deliciously long lie in and even missed breakfast at the hotel!  We decided to go out and find something to eat. When we eventually dragged ourselves out of bed we went for a wander along the seafront.  It was still horribly humid but not quite as bad as the day before.  There were quite a few people out and about jogging, walking along the front.  We even spotted a grey heron looking for breakfast.  He was completely unbothered by our presence!

By the time we decided upon food it was nearly lun20150513_114113chtime.  I was in the mood for something  different from the usual American fare so we decided to try Aka, a Japanese restaurant which we happened upon.  I was tempted by the offer of a Katsu curry.  Katsu is a favourite of mine!

We shared a chicken teriyaki dish and pork dumplings for starter and a Katsu Curry and Yakisoba for main.  I was in piggy heaven!  No room for dessert but left feeling nicely full and satisfied.

After lunch we wandered down to the convenience store, grabbed some snacks and headed back to the hotel room for a lazy afternoon.  It was bliss to be curled on the bed reading and surfing.  The internet at the hotel was quite rubbish but luckily I was able to use hubby’s mobile internet.

In-laws suggested an Italian (Mamma Mia’s) for dinner.  It was okay but hideously overpriced for the quality of the food and wine.  I looked at the options on the menu and there wasn’t anything that I really wanted.  If I had just been with hubby I would have made my excuses and left.  The menu is limited but hubby and I decided to share mussels to start with and I ordered meatballs and pasta for main.  They didn’t have mussels so we had clams instead.  The clams were chewy and tasteless and the sauce was greasy and over-salted.  Hubby ate most of them.

20150513_205833 20150513_202724The meatballs for the main course were nice but you only got 3 of them.  The rest of the meal was a large bowl of (overcooked) pasta.  I prefer my pasta to be cooked al dente so for my taste it was overcooked. The sauce was bland and tasted like the stuff you get in a tin of heinz spaghetti hoops.  Stupidly I ordered dessert – richotta cheesecake – which I wasn’t keen on.  It had a very strange texture.  It took a group effort around the table to finish it!

This restaurant gets really good reviews but all I can think of is that it an ’emperor’s new clothes’ thing going on i.e. one person says it’s amazing and everybody else follows suit.  The bill came to $250 for 4 of us and the food really wasn’t worth that.

All in all, I can honestly say that the food in Corpus Christi (with the exception of Aka) is the worst that I’ve had all holiday. It’s disappointing because I envisioned lots of good seafood.

On a more positive note, I’ve discovered that Jason Aldean is playing in Corpus Christie tomorrow night!  How exciting!!  Even more exciting is that Hubby managed to get tickets for all 4 of us to see him!!!  Very, very excited!!  Jason Aldean was playing at Country 2 Country at the 02 this year but he was playing on the Sunday night and I choose to go on the Saturday to see Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line.  Definitely the right choice but I’m very excited to be seeing Jason Aldean play in America!! Not sure what everybody will make of it but I know I’ll have a good time!


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