14.05.15 – Texas – Day 14, Corpus Christi

After our relaxing day yesterday, the plan for today was to visit the USS Lexington which is a World War 2 Aircraft Carrier and the Aquarium. Sometimes things simply don’t go to plan!

I was woken up about 6:30am by hubby being sick.  Something he’d eaten hadn’t agreed with him.  I’m not going to go into vast amounts of details but he was very ill so it was back to bed with him!  I’m a rubbish nurse because I’m so squeamish.  If I hear or see somebody being sick I want to join them!

The situation progressed throughout the day.  I managed to nip upstairs and grab a very quick breakfast.  We insisted that my in-laws go ahead with the day without us.  Lunch options were a bit more tricky. We had a Whataburger next door so I opted for that for lunch.  Not great but it did the trick.  I know McDonalds usually gets a kicking for it’s food but I don’t have a problem with it.  It is definitely better than some of the other chains.  I have promised myself today that I will have no more burgers for the rest of the holiday.  I’m sick of burgers and I suspect that I shall be sick of burgers for a very long time to come!!

My in-laws brought us back presents.  A snowglobe for me (I collect them) and a mug for hubby.  It didn’t seem like we missed a lot because the Lexington was full of schoolchildren and the aquarium was half empty because a lot of the fish had died.  There has been a problem with the cleaning solution for the tanks.  It had killed the fish despite the staff using it correctly. Not good!

The hotel receptionist had recommended sprite and pepto bismol for hubby’s stomach upset so my in-laws got him some of that.  It didn’t make a vast of amount of difference as he was starting to feel better.  Unfortunately he wasn’t well enough to come to the concert in the evening.  I did offer to stay at the hotel with hubby but he was insistent that I go.

20150514_211527 20150514_210834I’m glad he did because it was amazing!  Tyler Farr was like an energetic Jack Russell who kept leaping round the stage. He didn’t strike me as being very experienced at these shows.  He was enjoyable though, especially when he sung ‘Redneck Crazy’.  Cole Swindell was my in-law’s favourite. He was good but I didn’t know a lot of his songs.

The main act was Jason Aldean and he was amazing!  I could have listened to him sing for another 2 hours on top of the time he did. The crowd was very energetic and he knew how to work them.  He came on with a bang and lots of theatrics on stage.  He sung classics such 20150514_221222 20150514_22091020150514_220623as Big Green Tractor, Tonight Looks Good on You, Burning it Down and Just Gettin’ Started.

Jason Aldean played at Country to Country but he played on the Sunday.  I had tickets for Saturday because Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line were playing.  Definitely the right decision.  I’m really glad I got to see him in concert.

My in-laws said they had a good time but did comment that it was more like a rock concert!  I honestly don’t know if it was their thing but it was nice of them to come with me.

I bou20150514_220632ght a couple of t-shirts. The queue was massive but being from London and quite used to crowds, I was able to work my way through it quite quickly.

I’m glad I managed to do this in Corpus Christi because it means I managed to something I enjoyed whilst I was here!

Tomorrow we move on so hopefully hubby will be recovered by then.


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