15.05.15 – Texas – Day 15, Corpus Christi – Austin

To complete my Corpus Christi experience, I woke up this morning with a cracking migraine.  I rarely get them these days and when I do it’s usually related to some external factor, like the weather.  As strange as it seems I often end up with headaches when there is a thunderstorm due.  The NHS attribute this to pressure changes.  I took some painkillers which eased it for a little while but it soon came back with a vengeance.  Usually the best way to deal with them is to lie in a dark room with a cold flannel on my head until the migraine subsides but as we were moving on this morning, it wasn’t an option.

20150515_114227_HDRThe weather was humid and overcast when we got on the road but we’d barely been driving for an hour when it started to rain, gently at first but then much, much heavier.  I have never seen rainstorms like the ones in the USA.  The thunder and lightning came soon after.  We’d driven into a very heavy thunderstorm, hubby was receiving flash flood alerts on his phone and we couldn’t see two feet in front of us.  Cars were putting on their hazard lights because of the appalling visibility and slowing down to an almost stop.

My migraine was getting steadily worse and even closing my eyes and laying my head back wasn’t helping.  It was so bad that I started to feel sick so I started drinking water in the hopes that it would ward off the sickly feeling.  No such luck!  I quickly realised to my absolute horror that I was going to be sick, there was no stopping it, nowhere to pull over and the only thing to hand was the waste bin!  Fabulous, just fabulous!

Now, I’m not going to go into too much detail but when I’m sick I’m very loud, enthusiastic and quite dramatic.  That isn’t my intention, it’s just the way it is.  It is the way it has always been.  As with everything I do it loudly, enthusiastically and dramatically.  Being sick today was no different, except I was stuck in a car with three other people!  I was sick once more before we cleared the storm and I started to feel better.  Very strange indeed!

We stopped at Denny’s at lunchtime and I was surprised to find that I felt hungry.  I was going to play it safe and order an omlette but in the end my 20150515_131045lard side won out and I order a Philly Steak sandwich which is always good and shared a banana split with hubby for dessert.

This particular Denny’s was an old style diner.  It loved the design of it!  Our waitress was really helpful and the homemade ranch dressing was delicious.  All in all I was very happy indeed!

Dinner options were limited.  Everybody opted for Burger King which was next door to the hotel.  I really didn’t fancy it and true to my word in Corpus Christi, I didn’t want a burger, I had some snacks from the garage next door and some chicken nuggets. Hubby did manage to find a lovely crown in Burger King though!  He looked very fetching!20150515_140615

On the way back we found the hotel full of teenagers who were taking part in some sporting event (I presume).  Hubby and I wandered through the lobby chatting.  Our accents and the crown which hubby was wearing was attracting some attention.  When we got to the lift 3 girls went to get in with us but they were hanging around in the doorway to the lift giggling.  My London impatience finally won out and I barked ‘In or out!  Which is it??’.  They all scurried into the lift.  I asked which floor, que more giggling and big eyes!  I couldn’t help but say ‘I 20150515_201552appreciate it’s a difficult question but do you have an answer for me!’ Finally they decided where they were going and they summoned up the courage to ask hubby where we were from.  They all sighed when he told them and said ‘I love London!’, more giggling and big eyes.

I managed to finish the day not too traumatised.  Not the best day of the holiday.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


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