A Man Called Ove – Fredrick Backman

I have just finished ‘A Man Called Ove‘ by Fredrik Backman and I had to sit down and write a blog entry about how much I love this book!  It hit the spot for me on so many levels.  I am going to recommend it to everybody I know and give it out as Christmas presents…you have been warned!!

On a basic level it is about Ove who is quite possibly the grumpiest man you will ever meet.  Ove’s view on life amused me greatly.  I also have no time for idiots either so I can sympathise with him.  I love Ove’s simple view on life.  He is a man from another time.  Life has moved on but he hasn’t and he doesn’t care.

On a deeper level, this is a story of layers and looking beneath the surface.  Sometimes you will be surprised by what you find.

It is a quick and easy read, although I took my time and savoured it.  I thoroughly enjoyed Backman’s writing style – laugh out loud in places but also touching without too much mush. The effect of this had me in tears several times.  In some ways it reminded me of ‘A Spot of Bother’, my favourite book by Mark Haddon, despite ‘The Curious Incident‘ being the more famous book of the two.

Some of the funniest parts for me were Ove’s relationship with ‘the cat’. The cat arrives one day and it really is a sad excuse for a cat – half a tail, an ear missing…very unremarkable really.  I loved their relationship.

I’m not going to write too much more because I really don’t want to give away spoilers.  Read and enjoy this book for yourself. I thoroughly recommend it.


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