First Book Club Meeting

Scone and hot chocolate! The perfect additions to a book meeting

I recently set up a Book Group and yesterday we met for the first time.  I have been looking for a local book group for some time but there is nothing that meets locally.  I’m a member of The Bookshop Cafe on Facebook and I was looking for a cross between this and Bookcrossing.  The Bookshop Cafe is such a friendly and welcoming community but it is online only.  Bookcrossing have a London Group that meet monthly but I was looking for something a bit more local.

A lot of book groups have a set book that you have to read and then have to discuss what you thought of that book.  That wasn’t the format that I envisioned.  I wanted something a bit more informal where people meet to chat and swap books especially if you throw tea and cake into the mix!

Book club ladies and books
My haul from the book meeting

I found the perfect location, a local cafe that has jus
t opened round the corner from us, Queen of Tarts.  I love it!  All the cakes are either baked on site or are sourced locally.  The cafe is done out in a gorgeous vintage theme and best of all, the lady who runs provides
excellent customer service.  It is laid back, friendly and efficient.

Everybody seemed to have a good time, conversation (and cake) flowed.  It was great to meet a group of like minded people.  We could have stayed there chatting for a lot longer but the cafe had closed and it was time to go home.

I am glad the meeting went so well.  I’m looking forward to the next one!


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