Only We Know – Karen Perry.

Luke, Katie and Nick share a secret from thirty years ago about what really happened in Kenya.  Some secrets won’t stay buried etc.  Not the most original plot but looked interesting so I thought I would give it a go.

I was slightly disappointed by this book.  It promised a lot and didn’t deliver.  It is very middle of the road, not awful but not amazing, just okay.

I had guessed several of the plot twists quite early on in the story and I don’t think it was as clever as it thought it was.

Reasonably well written although  I thought Luke’s character could have been explored a bit more.  I didn’t get a feel for  his depression or the kind of person he really was.

There was no chemistry between Katie and Reilly.  Their relationship didn’t ring true to me.  It seemed that she saw him as more of a father figure.

I also didn’t feel any chemistry between Nick and Lauren.  A pet peeve is when a character constantly refers to their ‘wife’ or ‘husband’.  They have been introduced into the story so call them by their damn name!  As I say though, this is a personal preference, not necessarily anything wrong with the writing style.

In summary, an okay read but not one to rush out and buy.