The Revenant (movie)

This is probably going to be quite a controversial review but I didn’t enjoy this movie. I suppose it would be harsh to describe it as ‘pants’ but I’m sorely tempted to.

I was looking forward to seeing it after all the good reviews I’d read but I was left feeling sorely disappointed and wondering if I’d seen a different movie to everybody else.

It was overly gorey there didn’t need to be the amount of gore to get the point across in my opinion, the CGI on the bear wasn’t that great and it bored me. It reminded me of the second Lord of the Rings film where they spent the entire movie running, only this time it was on snow instead grass! (for the record I love the second Lord of the Rings movie). It failed to engage on every level.

I felt I was missing something so I read the book. I’m glad I did because it is spectacular. It explains a lot more and sets the scene more fully. There are marked differences to the film and I felt that if the film was more true to the book it may have engaged me more.

If this wins Oscars over ‘The Danish Girl’ then, in my opinion, it will be a travesty.

Would I recommend it? Probably not but okay if you like that kind of thing.


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