Little Free Library – Penenden Heath, Kent

I have long been an advocate of swapping books and sharing a story that you love.  Growing up I devoured books, there were never enough to satiate my enormous book Little Libraryappetite.  That has definitely spilled over into adulthood if my teeming bookshelves and library habit are anything to go by.

Eleven years ago (has it really been that long?!?) I discovered Bookcrossing which was revolutionary to me.  You label a book, release it once you’ve read it and the idea is that the next reader journals to let you know where the book has been.  In my experience I have a very low success rate, especially when the book is released in the wild rather than being given to another person.  Even if the book is given to another person  I often find that it isn’t journalled.   Don’t be put off though. It is a real buzz to get an email telling you that a book that you released years ago has had a new journal entry!

I first heard about Little Free Libraries a few months ago and was excited to discover that one had opened locally to me in Penenden Heath, Kent.  I’ve been meaning to visit and finding myself with a free day, decided that today was the day!

It was relatively easy to find, although parking was a little difficult as the library was on a residential street.  I managed to turn round at the end of the road and find a parking space.

The library was well maintained, had a guest book for people to list what they’d put in and what they’d taken out.  I wasn’t the first bookcrosser to visit this Little Library!  I took 3 books and put in 4 which was definitely a plus.  It’s rare I come away with less than put in.  Usually I put in 4, I take 4!  I’m such a book hoarder!

I will definitely be visiting again and recommending it to local bookworms.  I hope others visit regularly to keep the selection of books fresh and to keep them moving on.

Little Library 2