Alice Through the Looking Glass (movie)

I have discovered a joy for going to the cinema alone.  I have friends who will go with me but sometimes they don’t want to see the same movies as me and I end up missing out.  The first time I did it I felt a bit awkward but nobody seemed to care less, least of all me.  It was quite enjoyable too because I was able to give the film my undivided time and digest it afterwards.

Anyway, there is a point and I’m coming to that…yesterday I found myself with a free day so I decided to go and see Alice Through the Looking Glass.  I’d ummed and ahhhed about it since it came out and it seemed to be getting very mixed reviews (though I’m not sure if some of that was to do with the Johnny Depp wife beating accusations that surfaced around the same time as the movie came out).  I thought I’d missed out but one of our local cinemas still had a couple of showings so I took myself off to the first showing.

It wasn’t on the board so I thought maybe it wasn’t showing.  It was but for some reason it wasn’t listed on the board.  I paid for my ticket and off I went.  Settled into my seat in the deserted cinema and waited.  It transpired that I had the whole cinema to myself which was bliss!  £8 for a private cinema experience seemed like an absolute bargain!  I’ve often wondered if cinemas run a movie if nobody has bought tickets for it…

I’m one of the few that loves the trailers.  I’m a bit of a movie buff and I love to see what’s coming up.  As I had the cinema to myself I used my phone to note down any upcoming movies that I wanted to see whilst cheerfully munching on breakfast!

The movie itself was magical.  I think it benefited from being seen on the big screen (I saw the movie in 2D) because the landscapes were huge and very colourful.  You got a real sense of scale on the bigger screen.

I’ve often remarked in the past that movies are like a bad trip.  This was deliciously eccentric and if there was any trip involved it was a very good one.  It had a fabulous cast but for me, Sacha Baron Cohen stole the show as Time.  He was hilarious in places, eccentric but fierce when he needed to be.  I loved him.

Johnny Depp was fabulous as always (he played Hatter) and Mia Wasikowska played a fantastic Alice who had the potential to be annoying and whiny but managed to pull off ballsy and determined.

Essentially it’s a story of the unbreakable bonds of family and friendship.  Very well thought out and for me,  the right measure of laugh out loud, eccentric and pantomime villains to keep me happy.

I loved it and would definitely recommend it.  I might even consider going to see it again!!



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