Truly Madly Guilty – Liane Moriaty



Liane Moriaty never fails to disappoint with her books and her latest offering, Truly Madly Guilty, is no exception.

I want to like her, I really do but I cannot jump onto the Moriaty fan-wagon and sail merrily off into the sunset when she produces such mediocre writing.  There’s always a twist which is anti-climax and leaves you wondering why you waited the whole book for this.

In this book the twist centred around a BBQ and what really happened.  The answer is not an awful lot.

I find Clementine wholly unlikable and Sam a bit wet.  In fact there is nobody in the book that I could relate to at all.

The exception for me has been ‘What Alice Forgot‘ which was the first book I read of Moriaty’s.  A good start and I hoped for more of the same.  Sadly I have been disappointed and she has failed to deliver with other books.

‘Truly Madly Deeply/ will be the last book I read of Moriaty’s.  I don’t think she will be able to recreate ‘What Alice Forget’ and I have found subsequent books lacklustre with characters I don’t actually care about.