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Easter means different things to different people.  For us it is a family get together with a roast dinner and Easter egg hunt!  In recent years we’ve been able to host as we have a big house.  I love an excuse to cook and try out new desserts.  The Easter egg hunt is solely the domain of my mother-in-law and this year found us running round the garden hunting for eggs!

It’s the evening of Easter Monday, all the turkey is gone (made into a nice thai curry for dinner tonight!) and I’m full up with chocolate!  I’m relaxed and chilled out….same again next year!!


Left – cheesecake dessert    Right – Easter egg hunt

Bottom – spoils of the Easter egg hunt with my mother-in-law


Table complete with a colour in table cloth is a good way to keep the in-laws occupied!

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Top – Vega after a hard day doing cat like stuff

Bottom – left over turkey in a Thai curry!