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The Cadillac Three, Electric Ballroom Camden (05.02.16)

Genre: American Country Rock / Southern Rock

Band Members: Jaren Johnston, Kelby Ray, and Neil Mason

Support Act: Whiskey Myers


  1. That Girls on Fire
  2. I’m Southern
  3. I’m Rockin’
  4. Tennessee Mojo
  5. Back It Up
  6. White Lightening
  7. Life
  8. Soundtrack To A Sixpack
  9. Whiskey Soaked Redemption
  10. Graffiti
  11. Running Red Lights
  12. Down To The River
  13. Peace Love & Dixie
  14. Get Your Buzz On
  15. Days of Gold
  16. The South

This was my first standing gig and what an initiation it was!  Great band(s), great company and great venue. The Cadillac Three were amazing and such an energy about them.  I hadn’t heard of Whiskey Myers before this gig and didn’t know any of their music but it was enjoyable and you could dance to it.  I’ve downloaded some of their stuff (via my Google Play subscription) since the gig so hopefully if I see them again I will be able to sing along as well as dancing!  They were a great warm up for The Cadillac Three.

The Cadillac Three were absolutely amazing and the tickets were a steal at £15.  I will definitely be going to see them again when they are next in the UK.



Zac Brown Band, Wembley, 25.09.15

Zac Brown ticketsI’m excited to announce that my ticket arrived this afternoon for Zac Brown Band‘s Jekyll & Hyde Tour which is great because I feel like I’m suffering from a real country music drought at the moment!  The last gig I went to was Jason Aldean‘s Burnin’ it Down Tour in Corpus Christie in May and that feels like sooooo long ago now.

Some would say that ZBB isn’t ‘classic country’.  I think I’d have to agree.  The lead singer does have an amazing voice though and I’m looking forward to seeing them live. I have it on good authority that they put on a good show.  As long as I can dance I’m happy!

I much confess that I wasn’t familiar with their music until somebody on one of the country music forums that I frequent mentioned that ZBB were playing at Wembley.  I listened to some of their albums and enjoyed them.  They won’t replace Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean or Justin Moore in my affections but I think it will be a good night.

There was a minor hiccup when I found that the Premier Inn was fully booked but hubby found a Hilton next door so end of panic!  It is closer than the Premier Inn so it worked out well.

Right, I’m all set.  Roll on 25th September!!

That’s my Kind of Night – Country 2 Country, 02 Arena, March 2015

Saturday 7th March was a day that I’d been looking forward to for months.  It was the Country 2 Country Festival at the 02 c2c march 2015Arena in Greenwich.  I am a massive Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line fan so I was delighted to find that they were playing here in the UK.  Country music doesn’t seem to be that big in the UK, it’s much more niche so a lot of the bigger stars never make it as far as the UK.  Id’ not heard of Country 2 Country but it has been running since 2013 and has had an impressive line up thus far.

I was a bit nervous because I was going alone but I needn’t have worried.  It was a very friendlc2c pic 2y atmosphere and I wasn’t the only one on my own.  As soon as I got to Stratford I knew that I was headed in the right direction by the number of cowboy hats and boots heading the same way!

Brandy Clark, Lee Ann Womack, Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line were playing.  As I mentioned I’m a massive Luke Bryan and FGL fan.  I wasn’t familiar with Brandy Clark’s music at all.  I had heard a couple by Lee Ann Womack but wasn’t a big fan.  I have to say though, by the end of the concert I was a convert!

Brandy Clark has a gorgeous voice and is beautiful in a natural, understated way.  She sings about the darker side of life.  I particularly loved ‘Take a Little Pill’ and ‘What Will Keep me Out of Heaven’.  I immediately bought her album, 12 stories.


Lee Ann Womack was a big hit with the guys!  She is beautiful in a much more obvious way and she knows how to work it!  She seemed a lot more experienced, like she had been around for a lot longer.  I enjoyed her, but not as much as the others.  However, I have bought some of her albums since and enjoyed them.


After the show, I read some criticism of Luke Bryan and particularly Florida Georgia Line for not being ‘proper’ country music.  The term banded around was Bro Country. I had to look this term up.  Basically it has been criticised because of it’s subject matter – pick up trucks, painted on jeans (although Dolly Parton sings about painted on jeans in ‘why’d you come in here looking like that so it’s not a new thing) and ‘attractive young women’ according to Wikipedia!  Country music purists cite it as a poor representation of country music.

This may be so but I enjoy it.  People will like what they like and if others don’t like it then they probably shouldn’t listen to it.  Bro Country or not, these kinds of artists appear to be drawing a younger crowd into the country music scene.  Certainly from my point of view, I went there to see Luke Bryan and FGL but went away having heard different artists that I wouldn’t have heard had I not been there.  I don’t know if my taste in country is pure or not but I like it!

Anyway I digress!

FGL were great!  it was such a great atmosphere.  The place was packed and most people were FGLup and dancing – including me who doesn’t dance to anything….ever!!  I knew the words to the songs and I sang along at the top of my voice.  I was getting over a cough and chest infection but I still managed to sing along.  I read somebody’s review who said it was like a Beastie Boys concert!  Regardless it was such a good atmosphere.  I loved it and would definitely go again!


But they were nothing compared to Luke Bryan…he was simply AMAZING!!!  The arena just exploded when he came out.  I thought a girl in the row behind me was going to expire!  The atmosphere was indescribable.  Hyped would be that best way I could describe.  Almost everybody was up and dancing.  At times the crowd drowned him out because they were singing along at the top of their voices.  That man really knows how to work a crowd….and those hips!!! If they are not illegal then they damn well should be!  They’d put Elvis to shame!!  I’d love to see Luke Bryan play a full concert in the UK.  I’d be right there!

LB18 LB17 LB16LB12 LB15LB13    LB11 LB10 LB8 LB7 LB6LB5  LB4 LB   Law 2 LB 2

Until then though, I will have to keep an eye on the C2C line up for next year!!!



That’s What Country Is

Sunday morning found me going through my emails and idly flicking through the Billboard Hot Country Songs list.  I rediscovered my love for country music about a year ago.  Sadly Country isn’t as popular here in the UK as it is in America so it can be harder to lay my hands on the music.  At the time I was still using an Iphone so I managed to get some songs through the app store.  It was working out expensive though…that’s when Google Play entered my life and my Country music obsession really took off.  I pay a set subscription fee (9.99 per month) and I can access all the music I like!  It’s fabulous.  It means on days like today I can go through the Hot Country songs list, try out the songs and add them to the playlist if I like them.

Favourites of the moment are Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Parmalee.  My next paragraph was going to be about how I’d love to see Luke Bryan live but despite searching, I’ve never seen him tour the UK, probably because country music isn’t as popular here as in the USA.

WRONG!! A quick google search revealed that Luke Bryan AND Florida Georgia Line will be playing at the O2 in March at the Country to Country Festival!!  Why have I not heard of this before??  This will be its third year.  After some deliberation I’ve booked a ticket!!  How exciting and spontaneous!

Now I’m on the countdown to March!


Liquor Store Blues – Bruno Mars ft Damien Marley

Found this on Bruno Mars’ album Doo-Wops & Hooligans recently and I love it… particularly the follwing lines:

Cause my job got me going nowhere
So I ain’t got a thing to lose

Every time it comes on, I turn the radio (synced with my phone) up a bit louder and happily howl along to it!  One of my favourite songs of the moment!


My Eurovision Guilty Pleasure

I am going to come out and publicly admit that I watched the Eurovision song contest last night and I enjoyed it!

I love the cheesiness of the songs, the performers themselves, Graham Norton’s sarcastic commentary (though arguably Terry Wogan was better), I love the whole sheebang.

Yes it should be about the songs and it shouldn’t be a political contest, yes the best song should win but it has never been about that.  There is always some controversy about one of the contestants but I’m simply not bothered enough to get het up.  I’m here for the songs.

This year Iceland was my favourite.  Very, very, very cool!

It has been decided that next year we are definitely having a Eurovision party!  Naff and cheesy?  Maybe!  But a lot of fun will be had by all.

Now before I disappear to buy the Eurovision album from Itunes (yes I’m serious!), who can forget those lovely Polish ladies?

I guess I know what I’ll be doing if our washing machine ever breaks down!!