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Unapologetically Fat

I read the original article and it was so ridiculous that I laughed at it! It was so stupid that I couldn’t take it seriously. Not only was the article ridiculous, the comments were just as stooopid!

How dare you be fat in a public place? How dare you be happy and comfortable in your skin?? One of the comments on the original piece mentioned a fat girl in a shop who had the gall to be wearing ‘short, shorts’. If this wasn’t enough, she was jiggling to the music! How dare she!! I had to check the location to make sure that fat girl wasn’t me!!

I hate any kind of bigot. It wouldn’t be acceptable for the author of the original post to say she was offended by somebody being gay or black or female in public and I don’t think it is acceptable for somebody to wax lyrical about being offended by somebody being fat and confident in a public place.

People have good point and bad points. I’m not going to judge people on their body shape anymore than I would their gender, race or sexuality. It simply isn’t acceptable.

That said, I’m sure that the author (Linda Kelsey) wrote this piece with the intention of being controversial and generating press for herself.

What a sad individual.

Dances With Fat

You Forgot Your BullshitLinda Kelsey has written a brilliant piece of satire showing just how ridiculous obesity hysteria has beco… wait… what?  It’s not satire?  Are you sure?  Really.  Holy shit! Linda Kelsey has written a piece of bigotry-riddled hate-ridden drivel that should make us all embarrassed for her.

While I’ll deal with her fat bigotry in this piece, it’s horribly unfortunate that in her rush to explain why fat people shouldn’t be treated with basic human dignity, she grossly mis-characterizes the very real dangers of eating disorders.

What has Linda’s panties in a such a bunch?  Well it turns out that three fat women (Linda makes it clear that they were “not chubby but fat”) were at the airport getting ready to go on vacation, and they had the gall to be happy and carefree, and dress in ways that Linda didn’t like. I mean, who do these girls…

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