The Deaf Cat

Saw this whilst meandering through Rochester on Saturday and it made me smile

The Deaf cat
The Deaf cat

“Once there was a man who had a deaf cat.

It used to sit in his studio as he wrote.  

The cat wasn’t an annoyance or a hindrance.  

It was like the other ornaments around his desk.  

It was there to calm him, cheer him and inspire him.

Did it work?  

The writer’s name was Charles Dickens”

I have no idea if this is a true story but i love the idea of it, him sitting there working away with his cat for company, much like I often do.



Perfect End to the week

This week has been a real mixed bag so I was pleased to see Friday evening and what better way to spend it than indulging in some retail therapy with hubby and finishing with dinner at Carluccios. I love good Italian food so this really hit the spot.

The highlights for me were starter and dessert.

Starter was Antipasto Supremo which is listed on the menu as a sharing plate but you can request an individual portion. Be warned fellow lards, even the individual portions are large:

Mmmmm!  Delicious but huge....and this is the individual portion!
Mmmmm! Delicious but huge….and this is the individual portion!

Selection of the best from Italy. Bresaola, Parma ham, Buffalo mozzarella, ventricina & finocchiona salami, balsamic onions, tuna stuffed peppers, artichoke, courgettes, sundried tomatoes, olives, pancetta wrapped prawns and chicken liver pate

And the dessert, oh my god the dessert! I don’t normally like bread and butter pudding but this was absolutely amazing:

Bread and Butter Pudding Italian style!
Bread and Butter Pudding Italian style!

It goes without saying that next time you are in Carluccios, I’d wholeheartedly recommend giving the chocolate bread and butter pudding a go, even if you don’t usually like that kind of thing